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TUCANO XL - plasma RIE Anisotropic & Isotropic

The TUCANO XL system is a table top plasma reactor consisting of a cylindrical chamber, made from a single block of aluminum, equipped with a hinged door with a porthole for internal inspection of the chamber during the process, in which there are two flat and parallel electrodes. The system uses RF frequency power signals (13.56 MHz) to generate plasma within its process chamber.

The peculiarity of this system is the ability to operate in two distinct modes of operation. With the mode called Plasma Cleaning it is possible to carry out mainly chemical treatments with the aim of removing isotropic substances of various nature deposited on the samples to be treated. With the mode of operation called RIE (Reactive Ion Etching), a plasma ion bombardment phenomenon is added which raises or, in general, promotes the reaction between active species and the material to be treated. The result is an increase in attack speed, as the chemical attack is combined with a purely physical sputtering, also thanks to the ion bombardment it is also possible to remove or anisotropic attack the substrate of the sample to be treated.

The Tucano XL system is fully automated by means of a high-performance PLC, equipped with a 10-inch Touch Screen Display, which constantly monitors the status of system components. It is possible to operate both manually, acting directly on the individual parts that make up the system (valves, flow sensors, generator....) that and automatically, in which the PLC will handle the sequence of operations necessary to complete a process recipe (editable and saved inside it). The only manual handling to be performed is the loading/unloading phase of the samples.

Main applications: 

  • Chemical/physical incision in microfabrication processes
  • Removal of resist residues (such as descumming and ashing), or thin polymer layers
  • Changing surface energy and material wetness
  • Micro / Nano surface texturing.
  • Surface cleaning of organic residues.
  • Surface activation


  • Internal size of the process chamber: about 220 D mm L 400 mm
  • Internal room volume: about 15 liters
  • The size of the room allows you to insert wafers with a diameter of 5", 6" and "8"
  • RF 13.56 MHz 200W plasma generator with power adjustment from 1W to 200W
  • Matching network automatic
  • 3 process gas lines with MFC 50 or 100 sccm for inert gas, O2, CF6, SF6
  • MicroPirani vacuum meter ™ MKS Instruments
  • Baratron Process Pressure Meter ™ MKS Instruments


  • 12 mq/h primary pump lubricated with Fomblin
  • 10 mq/h primary dry pump of scroll type
  • Turbomolecular pump with insulation gate valve
  • Fourth gas line