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2020 – 2024

M Frascio, C MandolfinoF Moroni, M Jilich… – International Journal of …, 2021 – Elsevier
… [19] studied the most suitable process setups to improve bonding strength for different polymers using a radio frequency low-pressure plasma (Gambetti Kenologia, Italy). It was found … [PDF]

CsPbBr3 perovskite thin films by magnetron sputtering: The role of the substrate on texture and morphology

N CalisiSM MartinuzziA GiaccheriniM Innocenti… – Thin Solid Films, 2023 – Elsevier
… doped, Gambetti Kenologia SRL… plasma generated and confined into a space close to the target. The surface of the target is eroded by the impacts of high-energy ions within the plasma

Exploitation of tannic acid as additive for the adhesion enhancement of UV-curable bio-based coating

R Sesia, AG Cardone, S Ferraris, S Spriano… – Progress in Organic …, 2024 – Elsevier
… The surfaces of the second set were treated with an air plasma (TucanoGambetti Kenologia Srl, Italy) for 10 min at 100 W and quickly packed with an aluminum foil after the process to …

A design-of-experiments approach to estimate the effect of plasma-treatment parameters on the mechanical resistance of adhesive-bonded joints

C MandolfinoL Cassettari, M Pizzorni… – Journal of Manufacturing …, 2021 – Elsevier
… Before adhesive application, the entire surface of the adherends was modified using a low-pressure plasma RF reactor mod. Tucano (Gambetti Kenologia, Italy) operating at a fixed … [PDF] wiley.comACNP Full Text

Plant‐inspired soft bistable structures based on hygroscopic electrospun nanofibers

D Lunni, M Cianchetti, C Filippeschi… – Advanced Materials …, 2020 – Wiley Online Library
… Desired deformation was imposed and an oxygen plasma treatment (Gambetti Kenologia Colibrì) was applied with a power of 30 W for 30 s. After the treatment, the prestressed …

S Ferraris, M PratoC VineisA Varesano… – Surface and Coatings …, 2020 – Elsevier
… an air plasma (10 min, 100 W, TUCANO2, Gambetti Kenologia Srl) in … plasma treated on Al foils and suddenly packed at the end of the treatment in order to avoid contamination. Plasma …

A Spider Leg‐Inspired mm‐Scale Soft Exoskeleton Enabled by Liquid via Hydration and Charge Transport

KA Valdur, T TammI FiorelloA Aabloo… – Advanced Functional …, 2024 – Wiley Online Library
… Before printing, the silicon substrates were cleaned with oxygen plasma (Colibrì Plasma RF 50 kHz, Gambetti Kenologia). After printing, the structures were developed in propylene …

Green and integrated wearable electrochemical sensor for chloride detection in sweat

F LoprestiB Patella, V Divita, C Zanca, L Botta… – Sensors, 2022 –
… plasma reactor (TucanoGambetti kenologia SRL, Binasco, Italy) equipped with a polarized anode (RF = 13.56 MHz). To evaluate the influence of the plasma … treated with plasma. In …

Topochemical Transformation of Two-Dimensional VSe2 into Metallic Nonlayered VO2 for Water Splitting Reactions in Acidic and Alkaline Media

L NajafiR Oropesa-NuñezS Bellani… – ACS …, 2021 – ACS Publications
… The as-prepared ex-VSe 2 films were subjected to O 2 plasma treatment by using a Tucano plasma system (50 Hz) (Gambetti Kenologia Srl) with a 100 W power supply for 10 min. The …

High blood flow shear stress values are associated with circulating tumor cells cluster disaggregation in a multi-channel microfluidic device

A MarrellaA Fedi, G Varani, I Vaccari, M Fato… – PLoS …, 2021 –
… Briefly, it consists in an oxygen plasma treatment for 240 seconds with 50 W (Tucano plasma reactor Gambetti Kenologia) and in the vapor phase deposition (p = 30 kPa) for 30 minutes … [PDF] nature.comACNP Full Text

Plant-like hooked miniature machines for on-leaf sensing and delivery

I FiorelloF MederA Mondini, E Sinibaldi… – Communications …, 2021 –
… The silicon wafer was treated with plasma (Colibrì Plasma RF 50 kHz—Gambetti Kenologia) and then the IP-Q photoresist was poured onto the wafer which was then exposed to the … [PDF] mdpi.comACNP Full Text

Nanofluidic-based accumulation of antigens for miniaturized immunoassay

D Pezzuoli, E Angeli, D Repetto, F Ferrera, P Guida… – Sensors, 2020 –
… plasma treatment, we used a Tucano system (TUC-1B-MF, Gambetti Kenologia srl, Italy). Initially, we exposed the device to an extended oxygen plasma treatment at 70 W, for 10 min, to … [PDF]

Fluorescence labeling methods influence the aggregation process of α-syn in vitro differently

S Jadavi, S DanteL CivieroM SandreL Bubacco… – Nanoscale, 2023 –
… 100 μl of diluted fibrils were deposited on an oxygen plasma-treated glass coverslip, using a Tucano (Gambetti Kenologia, Italy) setup. The coverslip was treated by applying three 180 s … [PDF]

Metal-free abatement of nitrate contaminant from water using a conducting polymer

JJ Villora-Picó, MJ García-Fernández… – Chemical Engineering …, 2021 – Elsevier
… The samples were repeatedly treated in a Tucano plasma system (Gambetti Kenologia, Italy) in … The temperature of the plasma treated samples remained always below 50 C (measured … [PDF] nature.comACNP Full Text

Conditioning the microenvironment for soft tissue regeneration in a cell free scaffold

I Gerges, M Tamplenizza, F Martello, S Koman… – Scientific Reports, 2021 –
… Purified PUEt cylindrical samples underwent plasma-oxygen treatment (40 W, 80 s) in a plasma reactor (ColibrìGambetti Kenologia), using O 2 as ionizing gas. Subsequently, 314μL of …

Climbing plant‐inspired micropatterned devices for reversible attachment

I Fiorello, O Tricinci, GA Naselli… – Advanced Functional …, 2020 – Wiley Online Library
… The other side of the Mylar sheet was then plasma-treated for 60 s (ColibrìGambetti Kenologia SRL) to facilitate the adhesion of the IP-S resist onto the surface of the Mylar. The treated … [PDF] rsc.orgACNP Full Text

Development of biodegradable zein-based bilayer coatings for drug-eluting stents

M LenzuniG SuaratoD Miele, R Carzino, M Ruggeri… – RSC …, 2021 –
… for 10 minutes to remove impurities and then pretreated with O 2 plasma for 2 minutes at 100 W using a Tucano plasma system (Gambetti Kenologia, Milano, Italy). The rutin-loaded zein … [HTML]

Insight on defects mechanically introduced by nanoindentation in 4H-SiC pn diode

A Sciuto, PP Barbarino, D Mello, G D’Arrigo – Materials & Design, 2024 – Elsevier
… The authors also thank Gambetti Kenologia, MI, Italy who created the link between CNR-…pulsed laser plasma, J. Mat. Res., 28 (2013) 87-93, …  [PDF] researchgate.netACNP Full Text

Integrating Microstructured Electrospun Scaffolds in an Open Microfluidic System for in Vitro Studies of Human Patient-Derived Primary Cells

P GuidaE PiscitelliM Marrese, V Martino… – ACS Biomaterials …, 2020 – ACS Publications
… Then, the printed masters were oxygen plasma activated (50 W, 15 sccm, 60 s; Tucano,
Gambetti Kenologia, Binasco, Milan, Italy) and exposed to 20 μL of FOTS from the vapor phase …

C Giustizieri – 2022 –

… Per una maggiore decontaminazione e attivazione superficiale, sono stati trattati al plasma atmosferico (Figura 36, sistema TucanoGAMBETTI KENOLOGIA SRL) sia i campioni in …


●  Conducting polymer-TiO2 hybrid materials: application in the removal of nitrates from water
JJ Villora-Picó, V Belda-Alcázar, MJ García-Fernández… – Langmuir, 2019 a platinum catalyst supported on the hybrid materials is considerably lower than those of the metal-free nanocomposites. Page 3 of 57 … oxidant, as a very low yield was obtained with iron chloride of a Tucano plasma system

●  Integrated ternary bionanocomposites with superior mechanical performance via the synergistic role of graphene and plasma treated carbon nanotubes R Scaffaro, A Maio – Composites Part B: Engineering, 2019 1,2]. The plasma reactor used for the surface treatment is a Tucano Gambetti apparatus, equipped
Fig. 4. SEM analysis of nanocomposites at low resolution to detect aggregates (scale bar = 100 μm) … it should be noted that B-series

●  Polypropylene surface modification by low pressure plasma to increase adhesive bonding: Effect of process parameters
C Mandolfino – Surface and Coatings Technology, 2019 evaluations. As regards the PP samples treated with Low Pressure Plasma (LPP), a
Tucano (Gambetti Kenologia, Italy) plasma device, powered by an RF generator operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, was used. Such preparation

●  Low-pressure plasma treatment of CFRP substrates for epoxy-adhesive bonding: an investigation of the effect of various process gases
M. Pizzorni. E. Lertora C. Gambaro C. Mandolfino M. Salerno M. Prato

●  Light-Responsive Nanocapsule-Coated Polymer Films for Antimicrobial Active Packaging
V Marturano, V Bizzarro, V Ambrogi, A Cutignano… – Polymers, 2019 –
… nanocapsules coating. Plasma treatment was performed on square polymer films (surface area of 2 cm 2 ) employing a Tucano medium plasma reactor 600 (Gambetti Kenologia, Milano, Italy) for 12 min. Alternatively, corona …


Floating gate, organic field-effect transistor-based sensors towards biomedical applications fabricated with large-area processes over flexible substrates

S Lai, F Viola, P Cosseddu, A Bonfiglio – Sensors, 2018 –… Oxygen plasma activation was performed using a Gambetti–Tucano plasma system, under a pressure of 0.2 mbar with a RF power of 60 W applied for 30 s. Plasma activation was used to increase the wettability of the Kapton ® ‘s surfaces …

●  Effect of plasma treatment on mechanical and thermal properties of marble powder/epoxy composites
V Fiore, G Di Bella, T Scalici, A Valenza – Polymer Composites, 2018 – Wiley Online Library
… The atmospheric plasma treatment was performed by using a plasma reactor (Tucano, Gambetti, Italy), which has a chamber volume of about 5.5 L. The process was carried out in four steps: (i) reaction chamber from ambient pressure to 0.2 mbar; (ii) stabilization of the inner …

●  Effect of cold Ar plasma treatment on the catalytic performance of Pt/CeO2 in water-gas shift reaction (WGS)
L Pastor-Pérez, V Belda-Alcázar, C Marini… – Applied Catalysis B …, 2018 – Elsevier
… include glow discharge, dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), gliding arc discharge, radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) plasmas … boat, which was placed in the glow discharge stainless steel cylindrical chamber of a Tucano plasma system (Gambetti Kenologia, Italy

●   Engineered kidney tubules for modeling patient-specific diseases and drug discovery
V Benedetti, V Brizi, P Guida, S Tomasoni, O Ciampi… – EBioMedicine, 2018 – Elsevier
… To facilitate the de-molding of the polymeric replicas, masters were functionalized with an oxygen plasma treatment (Tucano plasma reactor Gambetti Kenologia) and with the deposition, from vapor phase, of an anti-sticking layer of Trichloro (1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluorooctyl) silane …

●  Proposed mechanisms for the removal of nitrate from water by platinum catalysts supported on polyaniline and polypyrrole
MJ García-Fernández, MM Pastor-Blas, F Epron… – Applied Catalysis B …, 2018 – Elsevier
… as follows [14]: The precursors of the polymer-supported catalysts were loaded on an aluminum boat, which was placed in the glow discharge stainless steel cylindrical chamber of a Tucano plasma system (Gambetti Kenologia, Italy), provided with an anodized aluminum door

●  Biomineral Amorphous Lasers through Light‐Scattering Surfaces Assembled by Electrospun Fiber Templates
M Moffa, A Camposeo, V Fasano… – Laser & Photonics …, 2018 – Wiley Online Library
Fiber functionalization is performed according to the processes schematized in Figure 1. For methods based on physisorption (PA) and chemical grafting (CG), fibers are firstly treated with plasma oxygen by a tabletop system (Tucano, Gambetti Kenologia) at 30 W for 3 min

●  Standardized microgel beads as elastic cell mechanical probes
S Girardo, N Traeber, K Wagner, G Cojoc… – Journal of Materials …, 2018 –

●  Deciphering the relative contribution of vascular inflammation and blood rheology in metastatic spreading
H Mollica, A Coclite, ME Miali, RC Pereira… – …, 2018 – Vascular adhesion of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) is a key step in cancer spreading. If inflammation is recognized to favor the formation of vascular “metastatic niches,” little is known
about the contribution of blood rheology to CTC deposition. Herein, a microfluidic chip, covered …


●  Laura Pastor-Pérez, Victor Belda-Alcázar, Carlo Marini, M. Mercedes Pastor-Blas, Antonio Sepúlveda-Escribano, Enrique V. Ramos-Fernandez, Effect of cold Ar plasma treatment on the catalytic performance of Pt/CeO2 in water-gas shift reaction (WGS) Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Volume 225, 5 June 2017, Pages 121-127

●  Giada Graziana Genchi, Edoardo Sinibaldi, Luca Ceseracciu, Massimiliano Labardi, Attilio Marino, Sergio Marras, Giorgio De Simoni, Virgilio Mattoli, Gianni Ciofani, Ultrasound-activated piezoelectric P(VDF-TrFE)/boron nitride nanotube composite films promote differentiation of human SaOS-2 osteoblast-like cells Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, May 2017

●   A. Cafarelli, , A. Verbeni, A. Poliziani, P. Dario, A. Menciassi, L. Ricotti Tuning acoustic and mechanical properties of materials for ultrasound phantoms and smart substrates for cell cultures  Science Direct Volume 49, February 2017, Pages 368–378

●  Patrizia Guida, Roberto Lo Savio, Cristina Potrich, Valentina Vaghi, Elena Angeli, Lia Vanzetti, Denise Pezzuoli, Laura Pasquardini, Giuseppe Firpo, Luca Repetto, Diego Repetto, Cecilia Pederzolli and Ugo Valbusa Enhancing miRNAs Capture on Polydimethylsiloxane Surface with Nanostructuration  Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology Volume 8, Issue 2 Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology · April 2017

●  Roberto Scaffaro, Francesco Lopresti, Alberto Suterab, Luigi Botta, Rosa Maria Fontanab, Giuseppe Gallo Plasma modified PLA electrospun membranes for actinorhodin production intensification in Streptomyces coelicolor immobilized-cell cultivations University of Palermo Italy, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, Aerospaziale, dei Materiali & Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Biologiche, Chimiche e Farmaceutiche,

●    Ilaria Tonazzini1,2,4, Maria Moffa1,4, Dario Pisignano1,3 and Marco Cecchini1 Neuregulin 1 functionalization of organic fibers for Schwann cell guidance Published 17 March 2017 • © 2017 IOP Publishing Ltd Nanotechnology, Volume 28, Number 15

●  Mandolfino, C., Lertora, E., Gambaro, Influence of cold plasma treatment parameters on the mechanical properties of polyamide homogeneous bonded joints, Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 313, 15 March 2017, Pages 222-229, ISSN 0257-8972

●   Edwin S. Gnanakumar, Wesley Ng, Bilge Cos ̧ kuner Filiz, Gadi Rothenberg, Sheng Wang, Hualong Xu, Laura Pastor-PØrez,
M. Mercedes Pastor-Blas, Antonio Sepffllveda-Escribano, Ning Yan, and N. Raveendran Shiju Plasma-Assisted Synthesis of Monodispersed and Robust Ruthenium Ultrafine Nanocatalysts for Organosilane Oxidation and Oxygen Evolution Reactions


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