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Tucano medium size plasma reactor

Tucano is the new desk-top plasma line reactor, born thanks to Gambetti Kenologia’s experience in this sector for a period of over three decades.
It is a simple, easy to use system, designed for those needing to clean, modify or activate surfaces of metal, plastic, ceramic or paper-based materials and more.
Ideal for R & D, or for small productions.

Simple to use

Plasma system, in the double version with manual needle valve or with two mass flow-controllers (MFC), is controlled by a microcomputer. A wide liquid-crystal display and “soft touch” keyboard, allow to set process parameters and store nine recipes.
There are basically two versions of plasma systems; one equipped with a manual needle valve which is used to regulate the gas in order to mantain the selected level of dynamic low pressure; the other, with two Mass Flow Controllers (MFC), allow the regulation of the percentage of a single gas, or to define the ratio of two different gases.
In both cases, by pressing the cycle start button, the flow of the gas/ses takes place automatically at vacuum level and power programmed in the recipes.


  • Surface activation
  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface coating
  • Etching

Scientific Publications

Consult the scientific articles published by using our plasma reactors