Gambetti Kenologia


  • 1974


     Since 50 years, Gambetti Kenologia has specialized in high-tech products for high vacuum technologies, processes, analysis and surface characterization.

  • 1994


    The company’s rapid expansion, fueled by cultivating robust and enduring partnerships within the industrial sector, prompted the relocation to our present-owned premises in 1994. Here, alongside sales, technical, and administrative offices, stands a spacious and state-of-the-art laboratory equipped for inspecting and repairing the instrumentation we distribute.


  • 2003

    Consolidated experience

    Gambetti Kenologia, thanks to the innovative and proactive approach of its founder, Glauco Gambetti, has been producing a range of vacuum-operated plasma systems since 2003, available in various sizes .

    Through vacuum plasma treatment, we improve the quality of surfaces, carefully preparing them for a wide range of applications, ranging from coating to bonding, from wetting to printing, from painting to precision micro-cleaning.

    We strive to maximize the potential of materials, striving to ensure flawless results that positively impact the customer’s final product, both in industry and in research and development.

Our headquarters

Gambetti Kenologia lies close to Milan, in a prime spot for fostering business ties. Specializing in vacuum technology, ultra-vacuum systems, thin films, and surface analysis, the company has been a leader in its field for years. Driven by a youthful, dynamic approach, Gambetti Kenologia prioritizes more than just sales; it strives to cultivate fruitful partnerships and offer valuable consultancy to its clients, aiming for mutual success.


since 1974