Colibri represents an innovative desktop vacuum plasma capacitive system, operating at low frequency (LF) with a power of 200W and a frequency of 50KHz. This solution is perfectly suited for cleaning or surface activation treatments on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics and paper.

It is an ideal tool for R&D applications in clean rooms, as well as for use in small production batches.

Among the various treatments that can be implemented, the most significant are:


  • Removal of photoresist (stripping) and photoresist residue (descumming), a photosensitive polymer used in photolithographic masking processes.
  • Organic incineration, isotropic removal of organic polymers (e.g. polyamides, etc.) and Silicon Oxides/Nitrides.
  • Surface cleaning or modification prior to wire bonding (both bond pads and chip carriers).
  • Isotropic etching
  • reverse engineering applications (removal of passivants, decapsulation and delineation of cross sections)


Cleaning and surface modification to obtain hydrophilic or hydrophobic surfaces, which can be used for example in the following application areas:

  • Prosthetic implants (increased wettability for faster osseointegration)
  • Bonding between different materials (needles on syringes, catheters, etc.).
  • Final ultra-cleaning and removal of organic residues at atomic level after classic industrial washing
  • Sterilisation on heat-sensitive materials

Plastics industry

Cleaning and surface modifications that can be used in the following application areas, for example:

  • Cleaning surfaces before gluing or welding
  • Etching of surfaces before deposits or attack of PTFE and other plastics
  • Activation of surfaces before printing and painting

SEM and TEM microscopy

  • Sample cleaning and preparation
  • Removal of very thin organic layers
  • Hasing of biological tissues
  • Hasing of asbestos sampling filters

Textile industry

  • Cleaning and surface modification of natural and synthetic fibres to increase the hydrophilicity of fabrics prior to dyeing or printing;

Precision Mechanics

Atomic final cleaning of metal and ceramic surfaces after industrial washing to improve their paintability or for other types of coatings (e.g. PVD).

Optics and ophthalmics

  • Final cleaning at atomic level and pre-treatment after industrial washing to improve adhesion of anti-reflective, anti-scratch and similar coatings; curing of anti-scratch and anti-fog layers.
  • Contact and intraocular lenses

Product features

  • Desktop plasma system, simple and easy to use
  • Possibility of storing up to nine recipes
  • Excellent value for money
  • Highly repeatable processes
Technical Specifications
Dimensions L x P x A – Footprint 436 x 464 x 240 mm
Net Weight 20 Kg
Respect distances Right, Left, Front – 600 mm, Retro – 300 mm
Chamber Material Aluminum
Max Volume 2 litri – Ø 102 mm L 256 mm
Electrode Electrode Configuration Plane and parallel With dark shield
Active work area/Sample tray 83 mm x 250 mm
Electrode gap 34 mm
Material Aluminum
RF Signal Max output Power 200W
Frequency 50 kHz
Process Gases Manual valve Stainless steel flow micro-regulator
Max gases number 1
Control Interface Control Microcontroller
User Interface Display and panel keyboard
Facility Service Power supply Single phase + Earth 220/240 VAC, 8 Amax 50/60 Hz, 13 AWG Single phase + Earth 110/120 VAC, 16 Amax, 50/60 Hz, 10 AWG
Process Gas inlets, type and dimensions 6 mm OD, Compression Fittings
Process gas pressure Da 0.8 bar min. a to 1 bar max., regulated
Purge Gas inlets, type and dimensions 6 mm OD, Compression Fittings
Suggested Purge Gas N2, Air
Purge Gas Pressure Da 0.8 bar min. a to 1 bar max., regulated
Exhaust NW16 ISO-KF
Compliance International CE Marked

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