Plasma Technology

Discover the power of Plasma! It transforms surfaces with advanced technology.

PLASMA is a highly energetic gas state created in a vacuum chamber through the application of a highfrequency magnetic field.

PLASMA is the key to transforming material surfaces in innovative
and effective ways at low temperatures.


since 1974

The Company

For the past 50 years, G. Gambetti Kenologia has been dedicated to
pioneering high-tech solutions tailored in high vacuum technologies,
surface analysis and characterization.

What are the benefits of Plasma?

The advantages of plasma technology for material surfaces are manifold

Deep cleaning

The plasma removes contaminants such as oil, grease, dust and oxides from the surface of the material, creating a clean surface ready for further processing.

Modification of surface properties

Plasma can be used to modify the surface properties of a material, such as wettability, wear resistance, biocompatibility and electrical conductivity.

Surface activation

Plasma increases the surface energy of the material, improving the adhesion of paints, inks, adhesives and other coatings.

Sustainable process

Plasma technology is an environmentally sustainable process that does not require the use of harmful chemicals.

What are the applications?

Plasma technology for material surfaces has applications in various industries, including:


Sterilisation of medical devices and surface treatment to improve biocompatibility.


Final cleaning at atomic level and pre-treatment after industrial washing to improve adhesion of anti-reflective, anti-scratch and various coatings; curing of anti-scratch and anti-fog layers.


Cleaning and activation of fabrics before printing or dyeing.


Isotropic removal of silicon nitride for cell edge insulation

Isotropic removal of amorphous or crystalline silicon

Semiconductors and MEMS

Cleaning and activation of printed circuit boards and electronic components.

Plastics and polymers

It enhances bonding with a two-step process to clean and activate the plastic surface.
Initially, it removes volatile organic compounds that might otherwise impair adhesion, painting and bonding. Subsequently, surface activation by plasma makes the surface completely hydrophilic and ready for perfect adhesion of adhesives

Precision Mechanics

Surface treatment to improve wear and corrosion resistance.

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