Who we are

In the immediate vicinity of Milan, strategically placed for commercial relationships, can be found the offices of Gambetti Kenologia, a company that has been operating more than 30 years in vacuum, ultra-vacuum, thin films and surface analisys sectors.
Gambetti Kenologia is a commercial reality driven by a youthful, dynamic and versatile spirit, that is not limited to sales activities alone, but that tries to promote profitable collaboration and consulting work with its clients.
The company’s history had its beginnings thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Glauco Gambetti, current president, who in 1974 perceived that the sector dealing with vacuum and thin films could become a stimulating market, taking into account the period in which scientific research enjoyed an up and coming moment from the investments viewpoint.
The idea turned swiftly into a winning trump card, and this allowed and promoted the research for new and more important international-level relationships.
Vacuum, in all its applications, remains the activity’s primary sector, being flanked in time by other activities, such as analytical instrumentation, the sale of systems and processes for the semi-conductors and telecommunications sector and the designing/development of instrumentation on specific client requests.
The company’s rapid growth, made possible thanks to the establishment of strong and lasting links with the industrial sector, in 1994, makes the transfer to the current building, property of the company.
Besides the commercial, technical and administrative offices, an ample and modern laboratory equipped for checking on and repairs to the marketed instrumentation, a clean room that hosts several instrumentations for low pressures and a capacious warehouse for consumption materials and spare parts are hosted here.
For more than three decades, Gambetti Kenologia has been dealing with top-technology products in the high-vacuum technologies sector, in the analytical sector and surface characterisation.
It has recently started production of small plasma systems for laboratories, with relative accessories.
These systems are designed to provide to both research laboratories and industries, the setting up of processes for the activation of plastic or metallic surfaces at reasonable prices. The ensuing industrialisation is made possible through dedicated systems.

Products developed so far:

Laboratory plasmas or for testing in industry

  • Colibrì: plasma system with 2.2 lt.
  • Tucano: plasma system with 6 lt.

Industrial plasmas We provide consultations on the designing and manufacturing of dedicated systems for small/medium-sized industrial productions.


  • 500 Watt, 50 KHz AC Generator
  • 200 Watt, 13.56 MHz RF 15 Generator
  • GGK-AM1 and GGK-AM2 Matching Networks
  • GGK-MM1 manual Tuner
  • GG-PC pressure regulator module
  • Digitalizer module for GGK-MFC analog MFC’s

Instrumentation support is available from our laboratory

  • AFM Park (Parking System)
  • KLA-Tencor Profilometer