If sufficient energy is provided to one or more gasses in a vacuum chamber the brake up of atomic links is reached, with the formation of electrons, positive ions, radicals and UV.
This condition is called plasma and also known as the fourth state of matter.

In space, plasma such as the polar lights, luminous flashes, etc. are present. Hot or cold plasma can be generated.
Gambetti Kenologia produces only cold plasma systems, where the plasma is generated by subjecting low-pressure gas/ses in a vacuum chamber to an high frequency electromagnetic field, triggering a visible light discharge.
In this way, an highly reactive process gas, which reacts on the surface of the product to be treated, is generated. For every process suitable parameters must be found, modifying the frequency, the power, the gas flow and ratios and the process time.

How it works

Gas in this condition modifies the surface to be treated as follows:

  • The ionised gas reacts chemically
  • The UV radiation breaks up the links of complex organic molecules
  • The energy of the various components carries out a kind of micro-sandblasting

What we get

Plasma, therefore, is an optimal toolk for obtain:

  • Surface activation
  • Surface cleaning
  • Etching
  • Deposition of focussed layers