AC Plasma source mod. GGK-LF 500

This is an AC source with 50Khz frequency for plasma applications, at low cost and very compact. The system provided includes the adaptation transformer with 3 taps, user-selectable and complete with measuring circuits.
The GGK-LF-500 is available in two version, one with display and control unit endbedded, the second one is available in a black box version suitable to who prefer control the unit trough PC or PLC trougth RS-232 communication, is also possible connect the black box unit to our remote handled controller unit GGK LF/RF.
The system provides 500 watt at 50 Khz, and the impedance matching is possible from 150 to 2500 ohm, by selecting one of the 3 possible configurations for the output transformer.

Typical applications:

  • Glow discharge, (replacing the conventional ones in DC systems).
  • PECVD deposition processes.
  • Power supplying for small Sputtering cathodes.
  • BIAS source in ICP systems.
  • Cleaning and activation in plasma processes.

In several applications, this generator constitutes an alternative to RF systems, with markedly lower costs and with less setting up problems. The command and control take place through a complete and flexible analog user port.

Performance and benefits:

  • Extremely compact: mm 340 x 120 x 150, weigh 2 Kg.
  • Direct connection to the electrode, no impedance matching devices are necessary.
  • The supply of nominal power (500 Watt) is guaranteed in an impedance range of 3:1, without intervening on the transformer taps.
  • Measuring system of electrical parameters of the integrated plasma: re-transmissions of Vrms, Dcbias, active power.
  • Possibility of carrying out the adjustment in RMS power or voltage.
  • Wide impedance range, loads adaptable from 200 to 2000 ohm.
  • The problems of arching, typical of DC have been done away with.
  • High conversion performance of > 90%, doesn’t need forced cooling
  • Active arc detector circuit, instantaneous quenching of arcs.

Electrical specifications

  • 230V single-phase power supply at 4Amp, maximum absorption 550 Watt
  • Analog user port, signals scaling 0-10V, 24V controls, direct interfacing with PLC
  • Molex HV output connector, provided with connection cable to the electrode.
  • Reading precision: Voltage 5%, power 7%, DC bias 5%.
  • Protections from: over-current, arcs, over-temperature, power limitation.

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