Isotropic and anisotropic plasma

The FALCON RIE+ system is a table-top plasma reactor consisting of a large cylindrical chamber, made from a single block of aluminum, opening is from above and closing by a damping system, a large porthole allows internal inspection of the chamber during the process, the sample holder can accommodate substrates with a diameter of 200.

The reactor is equipped with two electrodes, an upper and a lower one that can be polarized by software, this allows to have a great operational flexibility, to have a good process uniformity, the gas is introduced into the process chamber through a slit along the circumference of the upper electrode.

The FALCON RIE+ system is completely automated by means of a high performance PLC, equipped with a 10″ Touch Screen Display. It is possible to operate both manually, acting directly on the single parts that compose the system (valves, flow sensors, generator...) and automatically, where the PLC will manage the sequence of operations. 

Main applications:

  • Chemical/physical etching in microfabrication processes
  • Removal of resit residues (such as descumming and ashing), or polymeric thin layers
  • Modification of surface energy and wettability of materials
  • Micro/Nano surface texturing.Surface cleaning of organic residuesSurface activation.

Operating Modes:

FALCON RIE+ has the possibility to operate in two distinct modes of operation. With the cleaning mode it is possible to carry out mainly chemical treatments with the aim of removing isotropically substances of various kinds deposited on the samples to be treated. With the operating mode called RIE (Reactive Ion Etching), an ionic bombardment phenomenon is added to the plasma. 
Frontal view
Frontal view
Electrodes and process chamber
Electrodes and process chamber