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Manual Matching Networks


The GGK-MM1 and GGK-MM2 matching networks represent the family of manual adjustment matching networks offered by Gambetti Kenologia. These are optimal solutions in application where low costs is an issue, or where the plasma’s impedance is relatively stable, for example in combination with small sputtering cathodes.
In particular, the MM2 model with its very limited overall dimensions of 12 cm x 8 cm x 5.5 cm represents the most economic and compact solution possible.

GGK-AM1 Model

  • The tuning components are the same as in model GGK-AM1, and the tuning range is identical.
  • Maximum 0utput voltage is 2500V AC+DC, and output current 10Amp RF.
  • N input connector, 7/16 output connector
  • DC BIAS sample throught BNC connector
  • Movement of variable capacitors through ball bearing reduction units, equipped with a 3 to 1 ratio clutch.

GGK-MM2 Model

This is a product of the most advanced design.
Thanks to the deployment of variable inductors, dimensions are greatly reduced and with a very interesting price. It is particularly suited to the combined deployment with our GGK-RF15 RF model generator.

  • Extremely reduced dimensions of 120x80x55mm
  • BNC input connector, output N
  • Utilisation of variable inductors, absence of brush contacts and, therefore, greater reliability.
  • Maximum voltage 1500V AC+DC, 6Amp RF current
  • Transferable power 200Watt