Tucano medium size plasma reactor

Proudly made in Italy




Tucano is a bench-top plasma system, designed for surface cleaning, modification and activation. It can operate on different materials such as metals, plastic, ceramic, paper and others.
Tucano consists in a plasma reactor capacitively coupled that comprises a cylindrical process chamber with a couple of planar and parallel electrodes inside, entirely made of aluminum and free of welds. The top electrode is RF biased while the lower electrode is grounded. Thanks to a suitable sample tray, the samples to be processed are manually loaded inside the process chamber
The user friendly graphical interface combined with the efficient RF system makes the Tucano an easy and versatile solution for small productions or R&D environments.


Principle of operation

Tucano is fully automated by an advanced PLC with LCD colour touch screen display. The only manual handling to be carried out is the step of loading / unloading of the samples.
With this system it is possible to operate directly on the system components or let the PLC to carry out a process based on a recipe editable by the user.
One or more process gases are introduced into the process chamber by using mass flow controllers (MFCs). An RF signal (13.56 MHz) is led to the electrodes within the chamber; interacting with the gas molecules, this signal, produces the plasma.
The generated plasma provides reactive ionic species that act on the first monolayer of the substrate surface to be treated. The resulting process can be changed by the parameters that affect the state of plasma (gas flows and signal strength).


  • Surface activation
  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface coating
  • Etching


 Product features

      Bench-top plasma system , easy and versatile
      Able to process up to ten different editable recipes
      Uniformity for Consistent Results
      Datalogging capabilities
      Long Term Reliability
      Primary brands components used, such as vacuum gauges and mass flow controllers (MKS Instruments)
      Adjustable RF power level in the range 1W to 200W


 Specifiche Tecniche
 Dimensions  W x L x H – Footprint  482 x 532 x 385mm
 Net Weight  34 Kg
 Clearances  Right, Left, Front – 600 mm, Back – 300 mm
 Chamber  Material  Aluminum
 Max Volume  5,9 lt. (360 in³) - Ø 153 mm L 324 mm
 Electrode Configuration  Plane and parallel With dark shield
 Active work area/Sample tray  118 mm x 310 mm
 Electrode gap  68 mm
 Material  Alluminio
 RF Signal  Maw  output Power  200W
 Frequency  13,56 MHz
 Process Gases  Available flows  5, 10, 20, 50, 100 sccm
 Max gases number  2 (Mass Flow Controller from MKS Instruments)
 Control Interface  Control  PLC
 User Interface  Touch screen Display
 Facility Service  Power supply  Single phase + Earth 220/240 VAC, 8 Amax 50/60 Hz, 13 AWG
Single phase + Earth 110/120 VAC, 16 Amax, 50/60 Hz, 10 AWG
 Process Gas inlets, type and dimensions  6 mm OD, Compression Fittings
 Process gas pressure  From 1 bar min. to 1,5 bar max., regulated
 Purge Gas inlets, type and dimensions  6 mm OD, Compression Fittings
 Suggested  Purge Gas  N2, Air
 Purge Gas Pressure  From 0.8 bar min. to 1 bar max., regulated
 Exhaust  NW16 ISO-KF
 Compliance  International  CE Marked

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